Our Philosophy

Treating your children the way you wish you had been treated as a child.....ages 1-21.

Dr. Eryn, Dr. Rosa, and Dr. Tom know the importance of receiving gentle dental care and feeling comfortable at the dentist's office. As a child, Dr. Tom had experience with dentists who were insensitive to children's fears. He vividly remembers seeing needles and feeling pain during treatment due to the lack of anesthesia. Dr. Eryn, Dr. Rosa, and our entire staff offer Naperville gentle dentistry and believe in creating a pleasant, comfortable dental experience.

At Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we know dental anxiety can have a huge impact on a child's view of the dental office. These dental fears can carry over into adulthood and may cause an individual to visit the dentist less often than recommended, creating issues that could otherwise be avoided with regular dental visits.

We want to make your child's visit to the dentist a fun one. We pay attention to our patients and make sure to take note of any uncomfortable body language. If we notice uncomfortable behavior, we are able to either stop or modify the treatment to lessen their stress. We provide Naperville gentle dentistry for our patients and our staff uses distraction techniques while administering the anesthetic to help ease the fear of the injection. Most children do not even realize that the anesthetic was delivered!

We believe in keeping children informed on the care they will receive during each visit. Children who are informed on the steps involved in a procedure are less likely to be scared. We walk them through the steps and let them look at the instruments we use. By providing Naperville gentle dentistry, we care for every child as if they were our own. We don't want them to have fear of the dentist. At Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we help children see that each dental visit can be fun and our patients look forward to coming back!

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